If you’re a promotional products business owner with ambitious growth aspirations, you know you have to become a modern promotional marketing agency as opposed to just another distributor or dealer. The challenge is that this requires solid marketing and operation systems to be able to compete, scale and grow and, with the hundreds of “possibilities” out there, this is it’s not exactly easy.

In order to have a place for that important discussion we have setup a private group on both Facebook and LinkedIn, for purposes of sharing information that will help distributors become more effective in marketing their “offline” business in today’s online world.


Are the groups a good fit for you?

The groups are exclusively for independent distributors who’s goal is to build a business outside of themselves and reach and surpass 7 figures. You can expect useful and actionable information on what works to market a promo business; to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, help each other, share information about technology, share your frustrations and successes, as well as the challenges promotional products distributors face to succeed in today’s digital age.

These groups are not open to suppliers or big online distributor companies with hefty marketing budgets, or any other type of businesses.


Entrepreneurship is a lonely sport.

Being a business owner can be isolating. Often times your spouse, live partner, friends or relatives who are not business owners don’t really get your entrepreneurial dilemmas. Only another promotional products business owner can fully understand what a “day in the life” looks like for you.


Join the group!

If you are a distributor determined to grow to 7 figures, consider this your formal invitation to join! We love choices, and we realize some people prefer one platform over the other, so you can choose to join the one of your preference, or feel free to join both.


Click to Request to Join:

LinkedIn Group – The Promo Distributors Forum

Facebook Group – The Promo Business Journey