Do you ever finish the work day and feel that it took you 10 hours to accomplish nothing? That all you did was react to your emails? We live in a highly distracting world and staying on task is a challenge for many of us, especially for those running a solo distributor business. Wearing all the hats, there is so much to do… and so little time…

In this business it’s not unusual to finish the day and feel that you are pretty much caught up, that all the orders are where they should be, that all pending quotes have been sent, and that you’ll be able to dedicate some time the next day to that one business development task you’ve been wanting tackle, only to find new “emergencies” when you check your email first thing in the morning.

I, for one, have tried all kinds of tools and systems on a quest to simplify my business operations in order to be more productive, and although I have found and implemented some good ones, my to-do list keeps growing and many items continue to get moved to the next day, every day…forever.

If you’re looking for ways to be more productive the guys at Make it Cheaper created this great infographic that illustrates 6 bad habits that are making us less productive, that are not hard to try and change, as long as we set our minds to that.

I know I’m guilty of a few of these, how about you?

productivity tips for promo distributors