Distributors need to bring more value to the table than just selling products because products can be bought very easily on the internet today.  One way to do that is to be an expert to your clients and prospects.  If you work with corporate clients, you can show them you understand their needs when it comes to company meetings.


Companies hold organization-wide meetings for many reasons – announcing a product launch, providing onsite training, strategizing for the next quarter, team-building, or even just having a company picnic for fun.  There are lots of logistics to set up for a well-run meeting including the location, schedules, food, and networking.  As a valued promotional partner to your corporate client, you can handle one important detail for this meeting – the branded products to be given out.


Start by learning as much as you can about the meeting so that you can make specific recommendations to your client about where promotional products might work well to complement the experiences the attendees will have.  This could also mean that they would benefit from a nice gift at the end to remind them of the event and their host.


Since conferences like this tend to take place offsite, it’s helpful to think about what is needed each step of the way.  Here is a short list to get started:


1.  Apparel

When attending events offsite, it can be very helpful if volunteers are easily identified by the shirts they are wearing.  These can be t-shirts or polos or button-downs.  If it’s a cold venue, consider jackets as well.  Depending on the event, wearables might be a good promo item to provide.  Caps work well at a mostly men event.  Shirts can be suggested but they are tricky because you need to be able to gather enough sizing details to ensure everyone gets a shirt that fits correctly.  However, having everyone wear the new branded shirt for a company-wide picture makes for great marketing after the event.


2. Room Gifts

If the event requires a hotel stay, a room gift can be a thoughtful way to welcome attendees.  These can range in price and practicality from custom chocolates to journals with pens to nicer items like a wireless keyboard to use with their smartphones for taking notes electronically.


3. Conference Promos

Once in the meeting room, there are lots of great gift ideas that enhance the meeting experience.  Portfolios or journals and pens help them take notes to remember next steps or important details from the event.  Tote bags are handy for carrying around their goodies.  If the group is small enough, pre-washed sport bottles that can be filled at water stations are usually appreciated.


4. Door Prizes

To generate some excitement, your client could have a few high-end branded items like a Bluetooth® speaker, VR headset, or other venue-appropriate high-value gifts to give out at the end of the conference to encourage everyone to stay to the end.  Your client can choose the person who came the furthest or who has worked the longest for the company or some other variable to decide who wins or use raffle tickets.


These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about how to bring more value to your corporate clients by partnering with them to provide them with expert service as well as excellent products to make their corporate events more memorable.