Are you starting 2018 with a plan?

If the answer is “not really” you don’t want to miss this on-demand webinar.

Marketing your distributor business has never been so important. Your competitors are out there unapologetically trying to steal your clients. Big online companies are investing in reaching out to as many potential buyers as they can, utilizing every advertising medium there is.

You simply can’t afford to do nothing.

However, marketing a small business is not easy. Industry veterans tell you to stick to the face-to-face method. Digital marketing “experts” – who know nothing about your business model – tell you that digital marketing is the way to go, but it takes a loooong time. Then there is the whole gamut of industry cookie-cutter solutions. Then there is the – trying to figure it out yourself – option, watching hundreds of youtube videos that explain tactics that don’t apply to your business.

With these choices on the table, it’s no surprise you end up just doing self-promos.

The fact is, that you don’t need to do 30 different things, nor choose between traditional and digital. You just need to do a THE RIGHT handful of activities, THE RIGHT way, at THE RIGHT times. Simply put, you need a plan, and that’s the purpose of this webinar. To walk you through the steps is creating your own doable plan to build your brand and online presence, systematically, and position your business as the best choice in the marketplace.


Create Your Marketing Plan On-Demand Webinar

This marketing planning webinar will help you get clarity about how to market your business, the right activities to focus on, and how to create a marketing calendar so you can market your business effectively without the overwhelm, or wasting time and money in trial and error.

This FREE value-packed training covers:

• Marketing Fundamentals: a Strategic Approach
• How to build your online presence and authority
• 9 Steps to Your Marketing Plan
• Tools & Resources to Help You Organize and Carry Out Your Marketing Activities

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I hope you find it useful!