Quite often, due to our industry model, the ultimate purchaser of our product is working with one of our authorized distributors. As a result, there may be some critical information that is overlooked in the process. It may seem inconsequential, however, it may make the difference between a happy customer and a rejected product.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of expectations. What does the purchaser really want?

Maybe they have purchased something similar in the past. Maybe they have a gift given to them by others. Maybe one of their family members received an item and they expect the same. Maybe they receive a catalog mailing and like one of those items. Let’s really drill down to make sure all of the parties are on the same page.

In working with the layout of the client art, we are too far removed from the initial discussions. Please make sure that all instructions are shared with us. We cannot guess at colors, position, layout, sizing, etc. If there are brand guidelines, please share them upfront.

How will the product be used? How will it be distributed? Who is the intended audience? What is the real in hand date? And let’s not overlook the budget! Each of these questions should be answered at the beginning. We might be able to recommend alternatives or better ways or even some adjustment to the final product.

Let’s partner together and fix the disconnect on day one before it is too late.


Guest Post by Harvey Mackler, MAS
President of GEMPIRE
Gempire is a well-established industry top rated supplier, that has earned multiple recognition awards by PPAI and ASI.

A graduate from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvey Mackler enjoyed a 20-plus year career in commercial banking, exercising his “golden parachute” in 1996. He was executive vice president and COO of a commercial finance subsidiary in Manhattan and chairman of the Small Business Banking Unit of the American Banker’s Association. He has served on the board of the acclaimed George Street Playhouse in New Jersey and chair of the Easter Seal Society of New Jersey for two years, as well as a captain on his local emergency rescue squad. He acquired GWI Corp in February, 1997 and transformed it to focus on the supplier/distributor/end-user model, growing the company’s sales by 500 percent. He is past chair of the SAAGNY Foundation, current Co-Chair of the PPAF EXPO and past Chair of the Supplier Committee of PPAI.