Unless you work part-time or are happy where you are, online marketing plays a vital role in growing your distributor business. Just like any other business today, in any industry, you must be visible to your prospects.

If you’re looking to grow your business to 7 figures and beyond, you need to increase your client base in a systematic way. This will be very hard to achieve with traditional individual selling efforts and referrals.

The marketing landscape has changed drastically and you know it.  Prospecting and sales systems are important, but your sales need marketing. In the B2B space, when you approach a prospect, if you’ve managed to make an impression, they will go to your website and JUDGE you by it.

If your website is a cookie cutter one, with “featured products” picked by the site provider, a product search bar, with little to no information about what you bring to the table,  you will be viewed as a commodity seller.

If your website does a good job communicating how you can help with product advice, customization, and other concerns your prospect might have, then they’ll see you as a valuable addition to their team of vendors.

Prospects are searching for providers on the web and doing their due diligence before contacting a company, and when they do, they are ready to buy. This includes corporate clients looking for a go-to provider, who can help beyond the product purchase transaction. These buyers will contact a local promotional product distributor who they feel can be a good fit.

But let’s face it, most distributor websites don’t pass the test. They are generic online product catalogs. They have no content.  They don’t show any expertise nor personality. They are not optimized for the search engines for people to find them.

But online marketing is not a straightforward thing, and there is a lot of hype. If you are considering hiring a professional to help you, make sure they have experience in a similar B2B model. The distributor business is an account based, relationship business model. The online marketing approach will be very different to that of a B2C model. Make sure they are not learning with you. Ask a lot of questions and make sure what they are telling you makes sense to you. 

The Point

Marketing your business online is not optional if you are looking to grow your distributor business.

You must leverage the power of the internet to build visibility and reach new markets. You must nurture prospects and clients by sharing knowledge to demonstrate expertise and establish trust. You also want to stay visible to clients so you stay top of mind, and reassure them you are the best choice.

Your sales need marketing.