A new year just started and with it comes new business goals we hope to achieve. If a new website is on your list we have a very useful tool for you: it’s a website checklist especially formulated for promotional products businesses, that will turn your website into an authority lead generation engine.

As a branding company in a highly commodity-oriented market, your website must communicate to the clients you want to attract that you are the best choice in your marketplace. Your website is your most valuable marketing asset, and it’s critical that not only has a great looking design, but also that gets found, communicates your value to the right audience, and converts ideal-client type visitors into leads.

That’s were this checklist comes in: it’s based on a proven framework geared towards increased lead conversions. Using this as a template, you won’t waste time trying to figure out what the best layout might be, what pages needs to be included, etc.

The checklist comes with a video that walks you through the whole website checklist, to make sure you get all the facts and can go right into implementing, whether you plan on doing it yourself or delegate it to a staff member or a web designer.

It includes:
• The 4 key elements your website must have
• The most effective layout for your home page
• The important pages your website must include, besides the home page
• How to easily build trust and credibility
• The 4 conversion elements you must include

In today’s digital world, if your website is not generating business you must do something about it, or you’ll be left behind. It’s that simple. The new buyer is searching online for companies like yours, and new prospects you approach will evaluate doing business with you based on our website. Just like you do, when you need a product or service.

We are very exited to have created this resource and hope you take advantage of it. It’s the first one of it’s kind, and part of a series of industry specific marketing resources for promotional products distributors that we have in the works. My goal is to help promotional product distributors get their online marketing right!

Click below for more information and to get your free copy:

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